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EPS sandwich panel china

EPS sandwich panel china
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  • Place of Origin:
    Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name:
  • Model Number:
  • Type:
    EPS Sandwich Panels
  • Regular color is White Gray, Navy:
    Regular color is White Gray, Navy

Sandwich panel


Our company produces polystyrene foam sandwich panel (EPS).

    EPS sandwich panel production process adopts the colored steel plate as surface board, and the core material is the self-extinguishing closed cell polystyrene foam, It is a kind of high-strength composited building materials, and it was formed in the automated continuous molding machine, by combining the pressed colored steel with the High Strength Adhesives. It has the characteristics of complete insulation and fire-proof, fast construction speed, durability, and beautiful appearance, etc.



The above sandwich panels have been widely used in warehouses, factories, exhibition hall, prefabricated house, container houses and other industrial and civil buildings


One: Technical Specifications

        1.Density: 8-24 kg/m3   

        2.Coefficient of thermal conductivity:k=0.025W/m.k  

        3.Compressive strength:  2.0 kg/cm2 

        4.Dimensional stability under low tempeaturelinear change rate,-25.24hr: 1.0,%

        5.Water absorptionV/V,24hr:,30%   

        6.Fire retardance (Oxygen index)    26   B2 Grade


Two: Specification:


        Steel sheet: up/bottom 0.3-0.6mm,colored steel plate, pained and galvanized

        Insulated material: polyurethane (PU), Density: 10-30 kg/m3

        Style: H- style board, match board

        Width: match board, 950mm,960mm,1150mm (Effective width)H- style board, 1000mm,1200mm  (Effective width)

        Thickness: match board, 30-200mm; H-style board, 25-100mm 

        Length: According to the requirements and transportation terms

       Color: According to the requirements (Regular color is White Gray, Navy)


Three: Characteristics:

       1.light weight and durable, easy installed, wide use

       2. Fire Grade: B-class

Usage: widely used as roof panel and wall panel in steel structure warehouse, modular house, especially for cold storage